How to configure D-link router step by step?

Briefly explained configuration of D-link router

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D-link router is very easy to configure as you only need to follow some strategic steps. There are lots links over the internet where you learn how to configure D-link within a few minutes only. First of all it must be illustrated that D-link router is one of the most known network service that enable the access of WiFi as well as internet services. It is a multinational company named D-link Corporation highly involved in manufacturing networking equipment situated in Taiwan.

Learn step-by-step points how to configure D-link router:

STEP 1 : First of all you ensure that you are using PPPoE connection as users require keeping PPPoE username and password. In case you do not have then contact to the nearest internet service provider.

STEP 2 : Users are advised to unplug the power supply of the modem. In few of the case you need to turn it off up to 5 minutes or even more.

STEP 3 : Begin with connecting the power supply to your router through adapter.

STEP 4 : Establish the Ethernet cable to the WAN or internet port of both modem and router.

STEP 5 : Wait for few minutes while it starts and represent light indication.

Try to connect the network in your mobile or computer and check whether internet is working or not.

STEP 5 : See your network preferences and connect to the wifi name SSID founded on the provided wireless configuration card and also input the password listed on the card.

The company is highly involved in manufacturing integrated device setup dlink modem and router that jointly works. So there is nothing to get headache as you only need to follow the basic steps for both.

How to reset dlink modem within the few methods:

STEP 1 : In the starting point open the web browser and type IP address of DSL-300T and hit the enter button.

STEP 2 : Enter the login name and password and click on login option.

STEP 3 : Tap on the tool tab on the top of the screen.

STEP 4 : Click the system command on the left.

STEP 5 : Now you get the final step to do what is to hit the restore button to factory reset of the modem.

Above listed steps are authentic to be followed in order to reset D-link modem within the minutes.You need to login in to the device for modem installation as well and follow the few instructions and fill the required data. In the other hand if users need the steps of D-link modem installation then they should know that it is also very simple. After the verification you will be able to install your modems which will take few moments. Also check the status while installation.

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