How to Contact TP-link Router Customer Service Number


TP-Link router is the best medium to share information from one place to another. TP-Link router is a wireless router that is manufactured by Chinese manufacturer of computer networking company which is known for its quality products. It provide the access to use internet and computer networks by the business persons and individuals.

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Sometime users face issues while using the TP-link router. They get annoyed when they didn’t know how to fix the issues. To fix the issues with TP-Link router users can call on TP-link router customer service number. This number is available for 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week. Users can contact on this number to get the solution for issues like 

How to setup TP-Link router?

How to configure TP-Link router

TP Link router password recovery

how to reset TP-link wireless router

how to setup TP-link router static

Internet connection problem

Not able to access the internet

Wireless device disconnect from the network.

These are the common issues which are faced by most of the users. To get the solution for these issues users have to call on TP-link router customer service number to connect with customer service number. In this article we are providing solution for some technical issues that are mentioned below.


When you want to connect TP Link router to a new device then you need to configure it so that you can use the full functionality of the router. To configure the TP Link router you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1 : First of all connect your device to the second LAN port using an Ethernet cable on your TP-Link router and login by entering IP address into TP- Link web interface.

Step 2 : Now Go to the network and select LAN on the side menu then change the LAN IP address of your TP Link router to an IP address of the main router.

Step 3 : Go to the wireless section and select wireless settings then configure the SSID network and select save.

Step 4 : Visit Again the wireless then select wireless security and Select either WPA or WPA2 for security and click “save”.

Step 5 : Go to DHCP settings then select disable the DHCP server and click on save option.

Step 6 : Go to Systems tools and select reboot option then connect your main router to your TP link router by using an Ethernet cable through their LAN port.


If you forget your password then you can use admin as a password. It isdefault password. If you have already changed your password then there is no way to recover your password. You need to perform a hard reset on your router and configure it as a new one. You can also call on TP-link router phone number to know the process. In the next section we are explaining reset process through which you can configure your router again.


If your router is not functioning properly then you need to perform hard reset to restore your device to factory default settings. If you want to reset your router then you can call on the TP-link router phone number to know the process. Here we are also exploring two approaches to reset the router to its default settings. These are mentioned below:

Step 1 : Reset by pressing the reset button: Power on the router and press and hold the Reset button till LED becomes quick flash. Now release the button and wait till the router reboot to its default settings.

Step 2 : Reset by Router’s web based utility: Go to the management page and use the factory default function. So go to the “System tools” then visit the factory default page. Now click the “restore button” and wait the rebooting process finished.


A static route is predefined path through which network information travel from to reach a specific destination. Data from one point to another will always follow the same path so the normal internet usage does not require any settings. If you wish to configure the static setting then call on TP-link router contact number or follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1 : Firstly open the browser and in the address bar type the IP address of the device the press enter.

Step 2 : Now in the login page enter the username and the password then click “OK” to login the web page.

Step 3 : Click on the “Advanced setup” then select “Routing” and you will see the routing information on next screen.

Step 4 : To add a new route click on “Add Route” button then click on “Save”.

TP-Link router Contact Number Details To solve all your queries :

After following these steps you are able to setup a static route for TP link router. If you are facing any issue with it then call on TP-link router contact number for help. You can call on TP-link router contact number to get the solution for other issues in relevance to TP-Link router. This number remain active all the time so via this number you can get reliable support to resolve your complex issues related to TP-Link router.

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