How to reset Asus router password?

Asus routers provides the effective browsing speed. The routers are very much compatible with any device. The network can be wireless or wired , the Asus router performs very well in providing the best signal strength. Every router when configured with a system , a username and password is given to the user. The default username and password is “admin “. User can change the password according to his choice.

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Many times user forgets the router’s password. Many times the password get hacked by the spyware in the network. In all these situations, user doesn’t need to worry as it is possible to reset the router’s password and other settings. User can reset the router to the factory settings and then he can change the password again according to his choice.

Here is the simple process for how to reset Asus router password 

STEP 1 : First , with the help of a thin pin or pencil, just press the small reset button at the back of the router , for 15 seconds.

STEP 2 : Pressing this button will set the router to factory settings that means to the initial state of it.

STEP 3 : Then open the browser window of the router. Type the ip address in the address bar and press Enter.

STEP 4 : Now enter the default admin name and password. Usually it is admin and admin but if user wants to confirm he can search for ‘default admin name and password’ for a particular router’s brand name and model number.

STEP 5 : After login, under the admin page, go to the general configuration.

STEP 6 : Here, user can change the password by clicking on the password field and also can change the other settings like SSID etc.

STEP 7 : Save the settings.

Looking for quick support for how to reset Asus router password ? 

The password should be strong enough so that no body can crack it easily. If user knows the Asus password and don’t know how to reset Asus router password then he can just login with the default password and directly go to the step 5 of the above discussed process and change the settings.

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