How to reset D-Link modem password

When we use D- Link router, it enables us to connect all the computers at any place where in to avoid long wires all over the place.

The benefit is that you can connect the computers together on a network, so to share files between machines is easy. Using the router is a easy and better way to avoid the wire mess at the pace be it at home, workplace or any other.

D-link modem password reset we need to follow the some steps.

STEP 1 : First of all we need to open the open up a web browser and there in we need to type the IP address which is by default (

Image result for d'link modem password setup enter ip

STEP 2 : After completing the first page you would be able to see the page where is says please enter Login username and password.

STEP 3 : Here you need to enter the details and click on the option Login. On the next page after STEP 2 login you will see the Tools tab at the top, click on it.

Image result for d'link modem password setup tool tab

STEP 4 : Then you would get the System Commands on the left hand side.

STEP 5 : Finally you will see the option s restore button to factory reset the unit.

So after going through the above steps you will be able to know how to reset D-link modem password. for any other query just leave a comment so that in next article it can be explained with proper steps. 

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