How to reset Dlink modem to factory settings

Dlink modem is a modulation and demodulation device manufactured by Dlink corporations based in Taiwan. With the help of Dlink modem, one can connect to the internet and exchange data and information over the internet. Modem performs the function of a device that encrypts and decrypts the packets of data sent to and from a computer system and internet server. Dlink is a leading modem manufacturer and Dlink modems are widely used to connect to internet by a large number of people. Every Dlink modem comes with some default factory settings which are set at the factory level and shipped. However, the modem factory settings need to be changed sometimes so as to connect to the internet depending upon the connection settings of that area. you can also reach us at Dlink modem support number.

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In this process after a long time of usage, sometimes the modem might not work properly or for some other reason, there might be a need to change the modem setting to its default factory settings. For example, if you have forgotten your Wi-Fi router password, then you might need to reset your modem to default factory settings. Dlink modem comes with a built-in feature to allow the users to change the settings to default factory settings. The procedure to change the settings to default factory settings is given below:

Step 1) Check whether your modem is working and is turned on and then look out for the Reset button on the modem. The reset button is given at the back of the modem and would be un-pressed.

Step 2) Press the reset button on the modem for a long time. You need to press the reset button for at least 10 seconds to take the effect. The button needs to be pressed by a clip as it is not easy to press the button by a single press of hand or fingers.

Step 3) Check that the modem would restart after you have long pressed the reset button. This is important as when the modem restarts only when it will be reset to factory settings. After the modem, has successfully restarted, check for the green light. If the light is on that means the restart is successful.

Step 4) Now try to connect to the internet using your Dlink modem with the original password. If it connects to the internet, this means your Dlink modem has been successfully reset to the factory settings.

Need quick help for how to reset Dlink modem to factory settings?

In case you face any technical difficulty regarding how to reset Dlink modem to factory settings, you can always contact Dlink modem support number on our toll free number as mentioned on website. Dlink technical staff will get in touch with you and resolve your queries.

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