How to reset Dlink Router without password

Incredible solution to reset Dlink router without password

By making swift use of Dlink router let user to connect to all computer system in professional environment to Internet connection in hassle free manner. Sometime it may happen user may require to reset Dlink router due to hindrance and error that occur while working . Is user thinking upon the fact that how to reset Dlink router without password? Answer to questions , user can walk on simple and effective step by step instructions that are described below to reset in convenient manner or just contact us on our Dlink router toll free number .

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User is required to reset router to factory default setting in swift manner

1. Make sure user have full access to back of router

2. Moving ahead, user is required to press reset option present next to right hand side of antenna in remarkable manner

3. Moreover, user is required to press and hold reset button for next 10 seconds

4. Furthermore, user is required to give router another 30 seconds to move back to cycle and power on process in error free manner

5. User is required to remove power cable from back of dlink router

6. Now user is required to plug in back again

7. User is required to wait for next 30 seconds to let dlink router finish up setup in accurate manner

8. User can make use of default username and password to access back to dlink router in cost effective manner

9. User can now even create strong and authentic password and hit click on save option to apply changes in effectual manner

Another approach is user can reset Dlink router by making use of web based setup pageĀ 

1. User is required to quickly access router web base setup page in proper manner

2. Moving ahead, user is required to hit click on administration option

3. Now user is required to hit click on factory default setting

4. Moreover under factory default setting , user is required to strictly click on restore factory default option

5. Router will reboot for few seconds once user have gold the router reset button

6. Now user can significantly reconfigure router in trouble free manner and login by making use of default information in accurate manner

If some file of router configuration has been saved on desktop, user can make swift use of it to reset Dlink router in uniform manner. To get access to file user is required to hit click on tool option followed by system and save configuration option in splendid manner.

To seek further assistance to ward off enormous technical blockage that appear due to glitches how to reset Dlink router without password , user can place call on Dlink Router toll free number 24 hours round the globe to save time and money.


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