How to reset Dlink Router without reset button

D-Link is a multinational Networking Equipment Company having headquarter in Taiwan and consider as World’s Best IT Company all over the Globe. Its advanced and upgraded products include DSL/Cable, Routers, Firewalls, Digital Home Devices, Wireless Access Points, Switches, Storage and Security Cameras whose benefits are enjoyed by users all over the world. It offers there services to both small, medium, large business partners including Residential Customers as well. D-Link is majorly used for fast moving Internet, Broadband Services, Digital voice and data Communication services. The D-Link ADSL2+ Mo with Wireless N 300 Router (DSL-2740B) is considered as the high-performance router of Today’s era which is available to offers services for your home or small office’s.

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1. It stops performing well while working

2.Connection Issue

3.issue in Updating Firmware on the Router

4.Issue is Setup and Installing of DNR 202L

5.Unable to change the IP address of the Router

6.Facing Issue in Login to the Router


1.First of all click on the Power On Button

2.Then Long Press on the Reset Button until it come idle

3.Now Release the Reset Button

4.The D-Link Router will automatically start Rebooting itself

5.Wait for few seconds before resuming setup

6.The Router will now use the Default Settings for networking Configuration

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