How to setup Netgear modem step by step ?

Setup your Netgear modem easily with the use of these steps !!

Follow the steps as explained in the article as it will illustrate all the steps to setup Netgear modem or install Netgear modem by yourself easily.

Netgear modems first of all needs to be set up on the systems so that it can be utilised for further workings. So, to set up the Netgear modem the users need to follow the steps that are mentioned below in the correct way so that no issue is occurred.

How to setup Netgear :

 STEP 1 : Firstly, the users are required to connect the Netgear modem to the internet port to the LAN ports.

STEP 2 : The computer on which the users are working should also be connected to the LAN ports correctly.

STEP 3 : Now the users need to switch off and then again turn on the Netgear modem and also the router.

STEP 4 : While doing this the users are required to wait for sometime so that the booting process can be processed.

STEP 5 : Now the users are supposed to open any web browser and enter the IP address of the router.

STEP 6 : The ip address should be or

STEP 7 : this will open the router’s sign in page in which the users need to enter the credentials of the router.

STEP 8 : Select on the set up wizard displayed on the page.

STEP 9 : Click on yes and after that select on next.

STEP 10 : By doing this the set up wizard will further detect the internet conection.

STEP 11 : Lastly, go to the maintenance option and check for the router status.

Therefore, this is the process that will enable the users to configure Netgear modem. The steps are simple but should be done in the correct way. For any other issue related to internet connection or Netgear modem/ router just leave comment below so that solution for that can be provided in next article.

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