How to update Asus router firmware ?

Update Asus router firmware easily with these provided steps !!

The users of Asus routers can easily update the firmware whenever they wish to by following certain steps that are mentioned below in this article. It is really very important to keep updating the router’s firmware so that the router can work accordingly with all the new features.

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Many a times the user complaint that they are unable to update Asus router firmware and are unable to process the changes. This happens when the users follow the wrong steps and as a result they are unable to access the process. So, it is very important for the users to follow the correct steps for the same so as to complete the whole process for How to update Asus router firmware as shown below:-

STEP 1 : For updating the Asus router firmware the users firstly need to download and install the new and the latest version of firmware for their router.

STEP 2 : The latest firmware can be easily downloaded form the Asus official site.

STEP 3 : Then the downloaded file should be unzipped by the users with its certain steps

STEP 4 : Now the users need to go to the Asus configuration page for its router devices.

STEP 5 : Once the users get to the router’s configuration page they are supposed to enter the IP address for it. The IP address for the same is This should be entered at the address bar.

STEP 6 : By doing this the log in page will be opened.In the user name option the users are supposed to enter their user name for their router.

STEP 7 : Further the user are needed to go to the password option and should enter the correct password for it.

STEP 8 : The user can simply use the default user name as well as the password for signing in. the default user name and the password for both is admin.

STEP 9 : The users then are supposed to select on the firmware link that is mentioned on the configuration page.

STEP 10 : In that the user need to select on the choose file menu and should proceed further.

STEP 11 : The users then are supposed to select on the firmware file that they have downloaded.

STEP 12 : Once it is selected, they need to select on the open option.

STEP 13 : Then, after that select on the upload option that is mentioned there.

STEP 14 : The users then are required to wait for few seconds so that the uploading gets completed in the correct way.

STEP 15 : Once the upload is completed that means that the firmware of the Asus is updated.

Looking for quick support for update Asus router firmware? 

Hence, these are the steps that the users of Asus devices are required to undertake so that the firmware gets updated. On the other hand the users can even contact the Asus customer service number at any time to solve their queries if they have any regarding this topic. This particular number can be availed by the official site of Asus and can be reached at any time of the day. The representatives who are available on the particular phone lines are trained and have the best answers for the queries that the users discuss with them.

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