Why Netgear modem not connecting to internet

Router connection without Internet ! major missing !

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Is your Netgear modem not connecting to internet then do not worry we are to sort this for you. There can be times when there can be issues in the internet or the modem but the initial thing is that you need to figure out the main concern so that the best can be done and the issue can be closed and no further issue arise.

Let us know firstly what is Netgear modem for those who are here first time Netgear provides a wide range of routers to connect the internet maybe at home or office because this provides faster speed and the connectivity is not a issue. These Netgear modems are very compatible the DSL routers that these service providers performance is to meet any type of networking need if there.

Steps when the modem is not connected with internet:

1. Unplug the router and reconnect the system directly to your modem.

In case the internet is not accessible then contact ISP. Otherwise, if internet is working then reconnected the router.

2. After this login to the router. For login instructions you can go through the user manual.

3. Net is when you arrive at the Smart Wizard Test button you need to go through the Netgear online test page.

4. Just below the router status, just see if the router is using a valid IP address. In any further issue please go through the manual.

If you do not find any IP address, you can perform a power cycle and go ahead.

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